5 Must-Try Foods in Denmark


When I was researching for my trip to Denmark, I was looking for foods that were particularly unique to Denmark. Needless to say, I wasn’t particularly successful in that endeavour- all I really managed to learn was that Denmark has the most Michelin-starred restaurants in the world (not that I can afford it).

But anyway, after my trip I managed to painstakingly shortlist 5 things that you MUST try when you visit Denmark.

Smørrebrød– This is a pretty typical recommendation. Its certainly unique to Denmark and you can have a variety of different toppings on a slice of rye bread. I personally liked having fish cake on mine (i’m not particularly capable of stomaching herring or raw fish). If you’re thinking of having them for a meal, locals would usually recommend you get 2 to 3 of them.

I had this at torvehallerne market where there are so many stalls selling this, you can really take your pick.

Milk– This probably sounds like one of the weirdest thing that someone could ever post about but I kid you not, dairy in Denmark is different from anything you’ve ever tried. I have no idea what they do to their cows, but the milk is so creamy and so rich, you just have to try it. (Note: always go full fat, because I mean go big or go home right?)
I personally really like naturmælk brand milk.
NB: Sorry to all those of you who are lactose intolerant/allergic to dairy

Iced coffee– On a similar beverage-related note, iced coffee in Denmark is AMAZING and wayyyyy too underrated, although starbucks frap lovers may not necessarily agree with me on this. If you enjoy being able to actually taste your coffee but aren’t quite ready to go full on espresso, Danish coffee is definitely for you. Its made with 2 shots of espresso, brown sugar and topped off with milk. So rather than a usual espresso, water and milk, iced coffee is literally espresso and milk, a white americano without the water. I can’t really think of any other equivalent to this.


This one was from Original Coffee which is on the top of Illum shopping centre.

Cinnamon Roll (pastries/baked goods)– I don’t know if danish biscuits/pastries are a huge thing where you’re from but I grew up with Danish butter cookies and danishes so naturally on my maiden trip to Denmark, I needed to find butter cookies and danishes. I didn’t find them. Or at least I didn’t find the ones that i’m used to. What I did find was onsdagssnegle, more popularly known as the cinnamon roll. Your best bet for finding one is going to be at one of the many Lagkagehuset bakeries.
But in general, Danish pastries (the real ones) are amazing! Mostly you won’t get the most creative flavour profiles but the execution in this country is generally phenomenal.
If you’re looking at trying many different pastries while keeping the calories low, you can try Andersen Bakery!

Also, on a slight savoury note, sourdough bread which is quite a big thing here is also pretty damn awesome and also great for all you gluten free people out there!

Soft serve (softis)– I know this looks slightly weird because nothing really compares to a good ‘ol McDonald’s vanilla cone when we’re talking about soft serve but there’s something weirdly nice about the soft serves here. Its not as sweet as your typical vanilla cone and its topped with something similar to marshmallow fluff and jam. Its so different from what i’m used to that I’d end up recommending anybody try it.

Ice cream in general in Denmark is in a league of its own. Not only are their servings MASSIVE, because they use fresh cream everything ends up tasting amazing! I’d say the best ice-cream I had wasn’t actually in Copenhagen but in Hillerød, which is a 45 minute train ride from Copenhagen.


I’m not sure if you’ve already sensed how much love I have for Denmark but I had an amazing time there. Let me know if you would want me to do a more detailed post on the attractions/my itinerary in the comments below!!
Have you been to Denmark? Let me know what was your favourite thing there?


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  1. afterblixen says:

    Great post, I like that your featured milk 🙂 I am Danish and though I have lived in 7 other countries, I never drink it anywhere but home… on your next trip you should add a couple of other diary products to your list that are firm favorites ‘koldskål’ – it is type of milk with lemon, egg and vanilla, that you have from a bowl with little specifically made biscuits called ‘kammerjuncker’ and I always add berries – it is amazing. As an alternative to yoghurt, I would try tykmælk, its a type of soured thick milk – it is a breakfast stable of mine with fresh fruit and muesli.


    1. zoetanry says:

      Omg that sounds amazing!! I’m definitely looking forward to going back to copenhagen soon. It’s definitely one of my favourite countries thus far


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